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Endurance Bamboo Flooring

Topdeck can supply bamboo floors for any requirement, in a growing number of colors and styles. It can be used in homes, restaurants, commercial settings to name a few!

The Benefits of Bamboo

  • Eco-friendly and renewable (bamboo grows to maturity quickly)
  • Very Durable High tensile strength Janka 14.8 kN
  • Click-Lock Flooring – no glue, no staples/nails. Quick, simple and less expensive installation
  • Extra stability with a waxed licensed drop locking system

Solid Endurance Bamboo Floating Endurance Bamboo

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As bamboo is a natural product, the colour, grain, and feature pattern will vary in the flooring compared to the images.

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Quality is our attitude, as we are always striving to meet and exceed our customers expectations.